Apps used for this shot

Black dogs, or black pets in general, are awesome for black and white photography. You can make mysterious pictures when they pose against a dark background or you can make them pop in front of a lighter backdrop.

Usually I take the picture with the iPhone camera without a filter. I just decide afterwards if I want to turn it into a black and white photo.
This is the original picture taken for this shot:

As you can see it’s a very rough shot. Not really well aligned or framed. Because most of the times when taking pictures of a pet you have to be fast. They will move or change position all the time.

So after taking the picture the most important thing for every photo is the framing. I do this in the standard iPhone Photos app. First I adjust the rotation. After that I change the framing and align it with the grid.

The grid cuts the image in 9 pieces. It helps to position important spots of your photo where the lines of the grid intersect each other. For example you can see that Ora’s face and her nose is almost perfectly placed at such an intersection. Another good tip is to align other details like the background on the horizontal lines. For example the sky in a landscape picture could take up the top two rows and the ground would use the bottom row. The grid is very helpful to achieve photos who are pleasing to the eye.

Then for the black and white effect I love to use the Inkwell filter in instagram. It usually results in a great contrasting picture.
Here’s the result after applying the Inkwell filter without any other edits:

As you can see it’s already pretty good looking but could use some additional contrast. The wall behind Ora is looking to grey.
I increase the highlights and the contrast, add some sharpness and that’s it.

You can find more of Ora and me on instagram and if you have questions or feedback you can write us a message there too.


May 22, 2018